Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011

Grahadi Bali

Grahadi Bali Entertainment, also famous Entertainment places in Bali. After seeking the website at found that Grahadi Bali having facilites such below.


Grahadi Bali Entertainment has many kind capacities of karaoke rooms will favorably occuppied by eight persons for the smallest rooms as of fifty persons for biggest room. All rooms performed by representative interior designed, professional audio -visual such as large screen of slim plasma technology of television and LCD monitor screen in each room.

What the most convenience enjoying karaoke in Grahadi Bali is a highly speed services of the user friendly computer karaoke system, no more than five seconds! you will get singing your selected songs since you start key in through the remote control.

Available favorite collection songs of Indonesian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and many others that always updated accordingly.

Grahadi’s hospitality always keep priority their customer’s satisfaction to be developed unforgettable experiences.


Offers your favorite cocktails shaking by professional attractive bartender.


Provide an sea food and traditional menu, real excellent cuisine, hygienist culinary under the professional chef supervision. Located on a few steps from the swimming pool.

Grahadi Bali Entertainment located in the most famous street in Bali, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Siur-Kuta, it's distance about 150 meters to south from the phenomenal statue DEWA RUCI.

Come and enjoy, you will personally feel a warm atmosphere of our hospitality that since beginning were living in principle of "HIDUP BERSAMA SEIRING dan SEJALAN"

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