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Blue Eyes Cafe

Who did not know the famous Cafe in Bali. Yes the Blue Eyes Bali, with very famous amazing atmosphere in Bali. This located in Sanur, near the very famous beach in East of Denpasar also known as Matahari Terbit.

Blue Eyes Cafe also have beautiful Ladies Companion that will waiting for you. Just take a look at their newest information at


Blue Eyes is a division of PT.EMBRIO that established by its good entertainment, unique, and classy representative. Blue Eyes provides entertainment for the community in general and young executives in particular. As one of the hottest night spot and as a part of as well as the facility of HARRADS HOTEL & SPA, Blue Eyes is an  International standard venue that presents a prestigious night life entertainment. On its second year of existence, Blue Eyes has made a lot of unforgettable experiences for everyone who is calling themselves a city clubbers, party explores and island ravers in Bali as well as foreign and expatriate crowd.

Office        : JL. Bypass Ngurah Rai 888 Sanur, Denpasar – Bali
Venue       : JL. Bypass Ngurah Rai 888 Sanur, Denpasar - Bali
Telp          : 0361 – 7807874 | Fax : 0361 – 727351
Website     :
Land Area          : 9000 m2
Building Area      : 7000m2
Club Area           : 516m2
800 – 1000 pax


Blue Eyes consisting of Café and Karaoke, which is equipped with a Martin Audio Sound System with a capacity of 50,000 watts, massive lighting effect Lighting and a high technology Pro7 Lazer Magnum System, so as to create an atmosphere that you will not get elsewhere. Blue Eyes provide the best services from the server, which will bring an unforgettable experience for every attendance at the place. With a single Giant bar counter on the right side of the stage, it will maximizes the services and various bar creations and menus from the bartenders for the Clubbers and partygoers.

Blue Eyes Karaoke consisting of 23 VVIP Room which is equipped with 42-inch LCD TV’s and Martin Audio Sound System as well as the selective songs with a high end computerized System. 13 VVIP Rooms located on the 1st floor and 10 VVIP Room on 2nd floor with balcony connecting the karaoke area to the Club Area. Blue eyes Karaoke with the best facilities provides a convenient place and satisfactory service to its consumers.


Blue Eyes providing an exclusive entertainment with Live Music Band performance of national and international level, the potion with a high level DJ Performances, sexy dance act by it’s amazing team called NYPD BLUE DANCE ANGELS and a team of sexy, beautiful and handsome Bali’s top models which is known as BLUE EYES SEXY DOLLS s Dancer and Fashion Show which will create an unforgettable party Atmosphere for all groups in Bali.


Karaoke     : 12.00 – 03.00 Wita

CLUB         : 22.00 – 04.00 Wita


Ø  Business man & Business woman

Ø  Young Proffesionals

Ø  College Students






The main course of entertainment at Blue Eyes is band performance as well as DJ’s performance. The band presents various music of Top 40, all around, R & B as well as national and international songs. Meanwhile the Resident DJ’s are consists of good looking male and female DJ’s with their amazing skills of DJing. The appearance of sexy dance act by NYPD BLUE Dance Angels will also enliven the atmosphere of the club. Beside the band, DJ’s and dancers, Blue Eyes also have its own beautiful team consist of top female and male models of Bali and know by the attendance as BLUE EYES SEXY DOLLS.

Special event programs will be presented to provide a different club atmosphere featuring famous national and international guest DJ’s as well as high popularity national and international artists to satisfy the clubbers in Bali.

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